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  • Submarine Food & Beverage

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  • Fish & chips

    Submarine Food & Beverage

    Fish and Chips are a popular course dish or it could be a snack in the western and Oceania country. The selling of fast food in fish industry is not a popular but the great potential of developing the related field is bright since many people are having a hectic life nowadays.(more)

  • Local food

    Submarine Food & Beverage

    SUBMARINE not only provides the seafood related product but the product itself contains a strong sense of local taste from the western. Fish and Chips

    . (more)


  • History

    The origins and development of the dish in the mid -19th century are closely associated with the industrial revolution.(more)

  • Concept

    Quick and easy, Seafood take away. (more)

  • Our Customer

    This product is certainly suitable for those who lead a hectic life in the city.(more)